Kids Protective Hairstyle With Crochet Braids

Kids Protective Hairstyle With Crochet Braids :
Hey GlamFam! So today we are doing a children’s hairstyle video with crochet braids done with Kima Kalon (KimaKalon?) hair! Crochet braids can be a great protective style so your child’s hair isn’t being manipulated daily and their ends are tucked away. Protective styles are great for kids with high porosity as well because it limits tangling and dryness that comes along with just standard styling of natural hair, etc. At any rate, I hope that these kids hairstyle videos are helpful, I try to do age appropriate kids hairstyles that are still unique and cute, let me know your thoughts!

I have had people asking me about doing crochet braid styles for a while now, so I hope this helps out for all those who were looking for children’s crochet braids, or children’s hairstyles, possibly even heat free kids hairstyles!

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