5 Basic Braids

We wanted to thank every one of you who has supported us and our channel in some way over the last year!
We have had a great time and can’t wait to kick off this new year with you.
In the spirit of new beginnings, we thought that we should start the year off with a “Back to Basics” tutorial.
So this tutorial is going to cover five of the most basic braids that you can put in your braiding toolbox and use to build countless styles
The twists I’m going to be teaching you (and you can jump to what you’re looking for by skipping to the count number next to each description) today are:

1. Rope Twist Braid (0:31)
2. Fishtail Braid (2:36)
3. Three Strand Braid (5:23)
4. Four strand Braid (7:46)
5. Five strand Braid (10:36)

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